Wash, Dry & Fold

Your OVERSIZED laundry bag with anything that can be thrown in the wash. Drop it off, or Sacino’s will pick it up at your home or office then, separate whites and colors and return it freshly washed, dried and folded. Sign Up Now.

Bedding, Comforters & Linens

Sacino’s is expertly trained to clean your bedding, comforters, pillow and linens. Discuss your personal needs with your Sacino’s cleaning expert, by calling Sacino’s.

Garment Repairs

Sacino’s highly trained staff diligently inspects each item before cleaning. A loose button, fallen hem or broken seam will be repaired at no charge. Your personal satisfaction is guaranteed. Sign Up Now.


Sacino’s has highly skilled tailors who are experts in their craft. If you are looking to change your old wardrobe or alter your favorite new garment, call today to make your appointment.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Sacino’s understands tradition, and is the premiere expert at wedding gown preservation in the State of Florida. Just drop it at Sacino’s and it will be cleaned and preserved…and ready for your daughter to wear at her wedding. Just bring your wedding gown to Sacino’s.

Shoe Polishing & Repair

Shoes are cleaned and processed by hand at Sacino’s production facility, and Sacino’s cobbler has many years of experience to do sole and heel replacements, using the finest materials and craftsmanship. For pricing, call Sacino’s

Leather Cleaning & Repair

Sacino’s will clean purses, leather jackets, belts, and other leather items. Sacino’s trained professionals can bring worn leather back to life. For pricing, call Sacino’s.

Luggage Repair

Don’t toss your luggage! The most respected luggage repair service in America is located in Tampa, and honors warranties from most luggage manufacturers. Sacino’s will package your luggage, deliver it for repair, pick it up and bring it back to you. For pricing, call Sacino’s.

Million Dollar Collar

Million Dollar Collar® is the only – patented – permanently installed placket stay for dress shirts designed to prevent a shirt’s placket from collapsing when worn unbuttoned.

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